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Fixed Price Guarantee

Understanding Our Pricing at Cozy Nest Creators

Fixed Contract Price Guarantee

At Cozy Nest Creators, we offer a unique fixed price guarantee for our projects. This includes:

Thorough Project Analysis:

We meticulously analyze each project before it begins.

Fixed Contract Price:

We commit to a set price for the entire project.

Price Estimates Available

You can view our pre-designed homes for clear price estimates. These estimates include all necessary components for building your new home on an average lot. Additional costs might arise from specific requirements like septic system changes or significant tree clearing. We thoroughly review your property first to predict if any such factors might slightly increase the cost.

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Cost Breakdown for Small Homes

For small homes, the budget is distributed as follows, reflecting the various components of the construction process:

1. Home Construction (45%): This part covers everything above the foundation, including walls, flooring, and interior finishes.

2. Foundation & Utilities (25%): This includes excavation, foundation construction, and connecting essential utilities such as electricity, water, and sewer.

3. Site Prep & Landscaping (15%): This covers the preparation of the site, including driveway construction, walkways, grading, landscaping, and other similar tasks.

4. Planning, Design, & Permitting (15%): These are the crucial steps before construction, ensuring no surprises during the build and timely project completion.

With Cozy Nest Creators, you get a straightforward and fixed price guarantee, free of hidden costs and surprises. We’re here to help you build your ideal home.

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The Process

Initial Zoom Call

Before we dive into the formal evaluation process, we start with an initial Zoom call that lasts approximately 1 hour.


Following the initial Zoom call, we proceed to order a Feasibility Study, which comes at a cost of $599.

Budgetary Pricing

With a thorough understanding of your property, we proceed to develop a comprehensive budget.


Once you have reviewed the budgetary pricing and decide to proceed, it’s time to delve into the planning phase



At Cozy Nest Creators, we strive to have your ADU ready for occupancy in as little as 3-4 months from the start of construction.